R&M Protective Agency

Safeguarding Your World With Experience and Care

Dive into the world of R&M Protective Agency, a beacon of safety in an unpredictable world. We stand as a formidable force in the insurance industry, dedicated to providing robust, comprehensive policies that are exclusively handled by our experienced agents to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Founder

Our founder, Mirella Spandaw, has over a decade of experience in the insurance sector. Her passion lies in ensuring that you discover the ideal coverage tailored to your specific needs. When not working, Mirella enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and Siberian Husky, Mia-Maya.

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R&M Protective Agency

Our Commitment

At R&M Protective Agency, we go beyond transactions – we build relationships. We believe in delivering not just insurance but excellent customer service. Navigating the insurance landscape can be bewildering, so we take the time to sit down with you, explain your options, and assist you in making informed decisions that suit your unique requirements.

R&M Protective Agency

Let's Build Your Shield

Whether you're seeking personal or business insurance, R&M Protective Agency is here for you. Let's build a shield together that not only protects, but also brings peace of mind. Join us on this journey of trust, transparency, and tailored insurance solutions.